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6 Tips to Finding Research Paper Sources that Set You Apart Go there, and armed with your Wikipedia knowledge, start searching for the best sources. We’re not just after any sources, though. We’re after only the best research paper sources. This will require a little bit of effort, but you can find some success without too much effort if you know what type of research paper sources you need to find. 3. Writing a Research Paper - The 5 Best Resources

have written research papers before, searching for sources and citing them in your paper may, at times, have appeared to you as purely mechanical processes, chores necessary to produce a paper. Government Documents | National Archives Government Documents Librarianship (Mansfield University) This metasite includes an alphabetical list of resources and a quick guide to essentials leading to sources on managing government documents. Government Information (University of Texas, Austin, Libraries) This site contains links to federal resources, including a Getting Started page. Finding Articles - Public Policy Research Sources ... Access to materials related to international affairs from 1991 onward including working papers from university research institutes, occasional papers series from NGOs, foundation-funded research projects, proceedings from conferences, books, journals and policy briefs related to theory, policy, diplomacy, politics and law in the international arena. Types of Information Sources - Library Research: An ...

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READING SOURCES FOR YOUR RESEARCH PAPER | Cleveland State ... Beginning a research paper can be overwhelming unless you know how to set goals for yourself when you read. Think of gathering sources as a triangle where the top are the 5-6 excellent sources: 5-6 excellent sources -read 10-12 good ones-skim 20-30 available sources-find 40 titles in databases-begin with How to find authentic sources for a research paper - Quora 1. Google Scholar filters research articles from all other journals, including those mentioned below: 2. JSTOR - JSTOR 3. EBSCO 4. Springer - Home - Springer 5. How do I find articles? - Research Guides

Research papers are, by far, the best kind of papers! If you have an original twist to an old idea and about five good sources, you pretty much have a research paper. Most of the hard work is done for you already! If I can give you one piece of advice for research papers, it would be to know what you're looking for in an article.

Type of Research The type of research that will be used in this study is qualitative research and quantitative research. Qualitative researchers aim to gather an in-depth understanding of human behavior and the reasons that govern such behavior. The discipline investigates the "why" and "how" of decision making. How to List Sources in a Research Paper | Pen and the Pad The standard bibliography resource for students from high school to graduate school has been Kate Turabian's Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, which is an adaptation of the Chicago Style Manual. When listing sources in a bibliography at the end of a research paper, precision and ... Sources of Information for Research Paper - Reading Craze The sources of information for research paper can be divided into many different ways. You can divide it on the basis of where to find the information, how to find the information and what kind of information to seek. Here we will look at where to find the information for a research paper.

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In addition to the websites listed in Joshua Engel's answer, I would suggest the following other options: 1. Papers based on research that has been funded by the NIH are required to be available in an open-access manner, and are listed in PubMed

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Web of Science is the best known source for finding articles that cite other articles. it includes journals from the humanities and social sciences, despite the name. » more less... Authoritative, multidisciplinary content covers over 10,000 of the highest impact journals worldwide, including Open Access journals and over 110,000 conference ... Finding Sources: Choices and Challenges | Michael Bryson ... For some critical questions to apply to sources you find in the course of your research, check out this brief list of questions from Purdue’s Online Writing Lab. Remember that you should also evaluate a source as you read it, before you use it in a research paper.

By: John Edmond. The first source of research paper topic ideas should always come from your academic faculty. Usually the head of your course will provide a list of research paper topics and you will be required to pick one which you are interested in. Finding Current Research Using Free Online Resources ... You also can add your own papers or claim authorship for your papers that were uploaded by others. The site's collection currently includes over 45 million paper/article abstracts and more than 10 million full-text papers, and it draws from a number of well known sources like PubMed, IEEE, and Cornell University Library. What are primary sources and how can I find them for my ... How can I find primary sources for my history research paper? 1. As you research and read about your topic, make note of any texts mentioned that you could look for in the SLU Libraries Catalog and online. In the library catalog you would search for these texts with a title search. 2. Impress Your Teachers - CRS